• John

The Thrill of Production

If you are a playwright, nothing matches the feeling of seeing your work produced on stage. It is the ultimate reward for all those hours spent hammering away at the keyboard. Theater is a collaborative art and until the director, actors, and designers have worked their magic, a play is just words on a page. Getting something produced is really the ultimate goal for any playwright and once you've had that experience you are never the same. It is also a tremendous learning experience because getting a play produced exposes all the strengths and flaws of the script. But most of all, if done well, it is a tremendous thrill. I think that's one of the reasons I write plays, because it gives you the opportunity to work with others towards a common goal. It becomes an achievement for all involved, giving multiple artists an opportunity to ply their craft on a unique production that will never be repeated. To see and hear your words come alive is a fantastic thrill. Thank you to theater artists everywhere who make this happen for playwrights.

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