Here is a list of my plays and some information about them.  As I write new plays I will add them here.  All plays are available for production.  I do charge royalties (even playwrights need to eat) but if the budget is tight, let me know and we can work something out.  I love to see my work produced.

Eight Tens Book Image.jpg

This is probably my best known play, a ten-minute gem that never fails to deliver laughs.  A father, son, and the son's girlfriend attempt to play the game parcheesi with hilarious results.  The humor is universal.  It was first produced at Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre in Santa Cruz, California and has since gone on to productions in Canada and Texas.  It was published in "Eight Tens @ Festival" by Smith and Kraus, along with many other plays from the festival.  You can also find it in "103 Scenes for Three Actors" published by Smith and Kraus and edited by Wilma Marcus Chandler.

Eight Tens Book Image.jpg

Brian is finally moving out of his Dad's place.  There's only one thing stopping him-- a bowl of soup.  It was first produced for the "Eight Tens @ Eight Festival" at Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre and has since been produced in Texas.  It was also published in the "Eight Tens @ Eight Festival" ten-minute play anthology.

Kiss or Kill Jpeg.jpg
Bob's Dinner

All Bob wants to do is relax and enjoy dinner.  Unfortunately, some unwelcome visitors have other plans.  This ten-minute comedy was produced at Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre for the "Eight Tens @ Eight Festival.  An excerpt also appears in "Kiss or Kill: Contact Scenes of Love and Strife for Young Actors", by Wilma Marcus Chandler and Steve Ramshur. 

Softball Catcher
Alex Shepard and the Last Strike

Alex Shepard has broken the gender line of major league baseball but she's hitting .125 and is on the verge of being sent down.  She's literally down to her last strike.  This ten-minute play was produced at Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre for the "Eight Tens @ Eight Festival".

Fourteen Hills Image JPEG.jpg
Madge, the Dog, the Ring and the Whole Crazy Mess

A dog with an overly developed sense of smell, a talking wedding ring, and a woman who never gives up on love-- this ten-minute play has it all.  This play was published in "Fourteen Hills", the literary magazine of San Francisco State University. 

Couple Holding Hearts
Lie of the Beholder

This was my first full-length play.  J.B. and Butterfly meet and fall in love on-line.  The trouble starts when they decide to meet in person.  One of the first plays written about on-line relationships, the Santa Cruz Sentinel called it a "delight".  It was produced at Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre as part of the New Play Festival.

Delivery Guy
Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Paul, fresh out of college, takes a job at the post office while he figures out what he really wants to do with his life.  In this disarmingly funny full-length comedy we meet an assortment of colorful characters who shape Paul as he learns that charting a future is not always a straight line.  This play was produced at Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre.

Close Up of Elephant
A Man and His Elephant
One Fourth of July, a pink polka-dotted elephant named Paul arrives unexpectedly in the apartment of Frank Jones.  Paul is an ambitious elephant with lofty career goals, but in order to succeed, he needs control of both Frank's credit card and his mind, two things Frank isn't keen on giving up too easily.   Frank is treated to an afternoon of unwelcome visitors, including Seth, a homicidal nine year old boy, Dickie, a co-dependent green rhinoceros, Sandra, his overbearing girlfriend, and Irene, his incestuous octogenarian mother.  This play was my MFA thesis at San Francisco State Unversity.
Movie Projector
Persistence of Vision

Like all blended families, the Randall's don't quite mesh as a unit.  Laura and her stepson Brian don't get along and her husband Philip seems torn between love for his second wife and loyalty to his deceased wife number one May.  One magical night, May steps out of a home movie and all hell breaks loose.  This play was produced as part of the Chautauqua Festival at the University of California at Santa Cruz.