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My name is John Howie Patterson, and I am a playwright.  I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have done all kinds of writing but my true love is the theater.  I caught the bug as a young man living in Santa Cruz, California.  There is a wonderful theater there called Actors' Theatre where many playwrights have gotten their start.  In the early 90s I wrote a play about falling in love on-line and from there I was hooked.  That led me to get a Graduate Certificate in Theater Arts from the University of California at Santa Cruz and later an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.  Along the way I had a number of plays produced and published, which you will see discussed on other parts of the site.  And then, the dark period.  Not dark in a bad way, but meaning that my writing life went dark.  I got married and had kids and somehow I could never find the time.  That's probably just an excuse but hey, I'm going with it.  Anyway, my kids are older now and I find myself coming back to  my old calling as a playwright.  I put this site up as an easy way for people to find me in case you would like to produce my work and also to learn about new stuff I am writing.  Welcome!